The Company

bio_azienda1The company manages two different storage structure, the first site in Via Savigliano 75/A in Costigliole Saluzzo (CN) and the other one in Strada Statale Laghi di Avigliana 64 in Busca (CN). It makes purchasing activities, withdrawal, storage and supply of fruit. It isn’t made any transformation of the product: the only stage managed by the company at its stores is represented by the storage of product in plastic packaging, in suitable and adequate cold storage. Subsequently the product is placed on the market at different time, but still in nature, without undergoing any type of processing.

Bio Fruit Service currently has a storage capacity of about 45 thousand quintals at controlled temperature and about 30 thousand tons at room temperature.

Our strength is given by:

  • about 300 suppliers monitored and followed up by technical support service (suppliers of baby food products and organic product);
  • storage facilities and packaging self-managed;
  • logistics and transport;
  • traceability and quality control of the whole process of product management;
  • raw materials certified ORGANIC, DEMETER, GLOBALGAP and IGP;

Our primary objectives are: quality improvement, economic development, customer satisfaction, respect for the environment and safety, improved cultivation techniques.