To demonstrate the company’s commitment to quality and costumer satisfaction, the Bio Fruit Service choose to adhere to certifications attesting the conformity of products to standard , guidelines and disciplinary field.


GlobalG.A.P. (ex EurepGAP) defines the good agricultural practices ( G.A.P) regarding the essential elements for the development of the best practice, relative to farms.

This protocol provides for the management of requirements relating to:

  • Traceability;
  • Environmental aspects (history and site management, soil management and waste management);
  • Product (used pesticides, irrigation techniques, crop protection, harvesting and post-harvest treatments);
  • Health and safety of workers and working conditions;
  • Elements related to business management


Organic farming is a production method defined from the point of view of legislation at Community level by Regulation EC 834/2007: “Organic production is an overall system of farm management and food production that combines best environmental practices, a high level of biodiversity, preservation of natural resources [...]” excluding “the use of GMOs and products produced from or by GMOs” and based on “strict limitation of the use of factors of production by chemical synthesis”.

The Bio Fruit Service is certified by the inspection body CCPB of Bologna, a third entity authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, that assured inspection and verification that the entire production cycle is in accordance with the provisions of EC Regulation.


The Demeter ensures that products bearing come from biodynamic cultivation and is released by the Demeter Italian Association of Parma, a private association of producers, processors and distributors of agricultural products and foodstuffs biodynamic.

Biodynamic agriculture is based on the method of production in harmony with nature, in ways that respect and promote the fertility of the land by abolishing the use of mineral fertilizers and synthetic chemical pesticides.