peschePeach is a fleshy fruit, juicy and sugary, with a white pulp, yellow or red and a thin skin that goes from yellow to red to salmon. The smooth leather distinguishes the ‘Nettarina’ or ‘Pesca Noce’ from the natural peach that has velvet skin.

The peach tree, Prunus Persica, is native to China, where it was considered a symbol of immortality. From the east arrived in Persia and later in Europe, arrived in Rome in the first century AD and thanks to Alexander the Great spread throughout the basin of the Mediterranean Sea.

Harvesting period: July, August, September

Sale period: July, August, September, early October

Varieties marketed:

Nettarine Big Top, Nectaross, Orion, Amiga, Sweet Red

Peach Red Haven, Rome Star, Vista Rich, Glohaven, Summer Rich, Elegant lady