meleGenerally the apple is round, the colour is different depending on the variety, from green, yellow or red with spots and streaks. The skin is usually fine, smooth and straight. The petiole, very hard, is attached to the fruit in a sort of recess called stem cavity. At the other side of the fruit there is another cavity called the calyx.

The apple tree, Malus domestica, born in Central Asia, in Kazakistan. Across the middle East, the apple arrived in Egypt, Greece and Italy. Now the species is present in Italy with around 2000 varieties.

Harvesting period: End of August, September and October

Sale period: From the end of August to May

Varieties marketed:

Gala Group Brookfield, Schniga, Galaxy, Buckeye

Golden Group Golden, Smoothy, Florina, Gold Chief

Red Delicious Group Red Chief, Superchief, Scarlet, Stark, Geromine

Imperatore Group