qualitaThe BIO FRUIT SERVICE SRL is engaged in a general process of continuous improvement in order to ensure a comprehensive and consistent business growth.

Our aims are:

  • manage the company in order to ensure the efficiency of the structure and obtain strong and consistent results of economic development and quality improvement;
  • operate in order to meet costumers needs and improve the company’s image in the market;
  • be competitive maintaining a constant update on new technologies and the evolution of the products on the market;
  • work in compliance with environmental and safety;
  • promote the development of crops with low environmental impact;
  • promote the improvement of cultivation techniques through the renewal of the variety and technical assistance.

The quality of the products is ensured, first of all, through appropriate disciplinary production with the aim of guiding the choice in the field of treatment and fertilizer to be made and also through regular control and inspections.

The products also undergo appropriate sampling and analysis performed in the field and in storage, in order to ensure that chemical residues comply with the limits of the law and the limits imposed by internal disciplinary.

The quality of the products is continuously monitored during the storage period until the time of shipping. The internal audits and the periodic controls by the direction allow to improve and to maintain the Quality Management System.