albicoccheThe apricot is the fruit called ‘drupa’ of the apricot tree. It has a size between 3.5 and 6 cm, a yellow-orange colour depending on the variety with slight red undertones and slightly velvety skin and fleshy pulp.

The apricot, Prunus Armeniaca, is a plant belonging to the Rosaceae family such as cherry, peach and plum. It is a plant native to northeastern China, from which it subsequently extended westward through Central Asia until arriving in Armenia where, it is said, was discovered by Alexander the Great. The Romans introduced it in Italy and in Greece in 70-60 BC, but its spread in the Mediterranean was established by the Arabs.

Harvesting period: June to July

Sale period: June – July – August

Varieties marketed: Hargrand, Red Costigliole Pinkot, Tonda di Costigliole