The company is specialized in the supply of fresh fruit from selected suppliers to processors of organic products and baby food, according to specific CAPITOLATI that ensure the quality of the products.

Bio Fruit Service operates mainly three production lines: organic, baby-food and conventional product (standard). All products may be refrigerator-preserved or fresh.

Types of production:

  1. Organic fruit
  2. Baby Food Fruit – Under direct control (UDC)
  3. Standard Fruit

Organic fruit

frutta-bioThe entire production cycle of the organic product shall be in accordance with the provisions of EC Regulation 834/2007. To ensure the traceability and quality of the products, Bio Fruit Service requires its organic suppliers: PAP – Annual Production Plan, which is necessary for further processing of the Programme of Production of organic products; Board culture, within the first week of harvest; Certificate of conformity currently valid, issued by the control authority.


Baby food fruit – Under Direct Control (UDC)

child-peachWith the words ‘Baby Food’, Bio Fruit Service guarantees to the costumer that the product supplied is sourced exclusively from farms that undertake to carry out the cultivation and treatments in the field, according to requirements agreed with the costumer and under the direct control of Bio Fruit Service. At the beginning of the agricultural year is processed Production Program with the list of farms involved with their respective quantities, specifying the various product certifications. The Technical Manager also compiles a specification indicating the guidelines for phytosanitary treatments to be carried out in the field with relative dose, frequency and deadlines agreed with the costumer and available to all providers.

Standard Fruit

frutta-standardThe standard product is generally intended for the fresh market and its compliance is assessed according to the Technical Product Specification. For every product sold, BFS, has provided a Technical Product Specification, which describes the basic quality standards that allow you to meet specific costumer requirements (appearance, smell, flavour, ripeness, size, etc… ).