Mela opal

logo mela opalThe new yellow apple. It can surprise you with its hard and crispy structure and it shows up as the absolute innovative variety among yellow apples. The peculiar rustiness confirms Opal®’s authenticity.

A precious consumption opportunity. Appreciated by children for its sweetness, it is loved more by mothers and fathers as snack to bring to school or activities, since once peeled and cut it preserves the white pulp for a long time.

A curious history. The variety UEB32642, with trade name Opal®, was born in Czech Republic, who had to remedy through food autarchy during the period of Iron Curtain. In order to replace the font of Vitamin C usually supplied by citrus fruits who could not be harvested nor imported, local farmers worked over a new apple who could substitute oranges in terms of antioxidant ingredients. This is the reason why, once peeled and exposed to the air, its pulp keeps the white colour for some hours. Mr Michael Weber brought Opal® in Italy, where it found the ideal habitat along the Alps.

Harvesting area. In Italy: Piedmont and Trentino Alto Adige. The production of Opal® comes from family farms whose main aim is sustainability.

Organoleptic profile. An intense and complex flavor which reveals aromatic notes of mango, pear and quince.

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