Organic and sustainability, are the mantra of the new generations. Everyday more the echo of these two words resounds on the labels of products sold in all the large retail chain.

Since over twenty years Bio Fruit Service srl has undertaken this path and today in the sector it is a reference point for buyers and sellers. The company’s core business is supplying baby food industries which are moving always more towards organic production. Recently, a new warehouse dedicated to organic fresh fruit packaging has been added beside, in order to give value to suppliers’ product, propose growing programs for the development of new apple varieties, stand out on markets and find alternatives for problems related to kiwi, dying because of the bacteriosis which made the crop impossible in the last years.

Opal® and History®: at the moment Bio Fruit Service is a licensee for these two registered trademarks which are standing out on markets thanks to their excellent organoleptic features.

mela opalOpal Apple

Opal® is the innovative variety among yellow apples, which correspond to 60% of consumption rating on the Italian market.

Named “the apple of five senses” with a deep and intricate flavor, it’s a scab resistant variety suitable for organic agriculture, giving good production results and not subject to productive alternation.

mela historyHistory Apple

History® is a trademark registered by BFS, which incorporates the project of the totally organic cultivation of Story ® Inored variety, a red apple very interesting for its excellent preservation, rich colour and productive constancy.

It is also a scab resistant apple.

Both History® and Opal® are achieving good results in sells, even if this season 2018-19 has been difficult, mainly due to the plenty of product and strong competition from countries where production costs are lower than in Italy.